1. Chairperson

Gonzalo Miguel Adsuar Meseguer

Just graduated in the Miguel Hernández University (UMH, en Alicante). He currently works at a pharmacy

FEEF’s honor member

Hobbie: doing sports and going to as much congresses as he can

2. Communication team

Javier Seijo Mayoral

Coordinator of the SYPP communication team
FEEF’s External Affairs Coordinator. 5th year student at the Alcalá University (UAH)
Hobbie: playing the guitar and recording himself while playing it

Álvaro Sánchez Medina

FEEF’s Vice president  of Communication

5th year student at the Albacete University 

Hobbie: anything that involves going out of home

Daniel Hernández Franco

FEEF’s Internal Affairs Coordinator and AEF-UB SEO
4th year student at the Barcelona University (UB)
Hobbie: listening to music while doing the above and trying to tick over

Jaume Romero del Castillo i Alba

Just graduated in the Barcelona University (UB)  

Hobbies: meeting guiris and hostels and making jokes 

3. Logistics, accommodation and transports team

Juanjo Ballesteros

Coordinator of the SYPP’s logistics, accommodation and transports team 

ASEFAA’s president. Graduated in the Seville University

Hobbie: keeping up-to-date in the new technologies


Victoria Cuevas Rodríguez

FEEF’s treasurer
5th year student at the Salamanca University 
Hobbies: eating and comer and trying not to choke on life

Alícia Josa Culleré

FEEF’s president
Just graduated in the Barcelona University (UB). PhD student at the Molecular Biology Institute of Barcelona (IBMB-CSIC)
Hobbies: powerlifiter, sticker maker and research coordinator at the Sustainability Worldwide Center 2050

4. Registrations team

Manu Rodes

SYPP’s registrations coordinator 
Graduated in the Miguel Hernández University (UMH), he currently works in a pharmacy, studies orthopedics and is an EPSA Alumni
Hobbie: watching strange series and films that nobody knows 

Toni Miró

Community pharmacist and teacher of supervised practices at the Barcelona University (UB) 

Hobbie: cleaning the sandbox of the cat he just adopted 

5. Social plan team

Andrés Ballesteros

SYPP’s social plan team coordinator 
ASEFAA’s coordinator of design and marketing Responsable de imagen y marketing and delegate at the F.F.US. Máster in Pharmaceutic Industry specialisation 
Hobbies: working and learning

Irene Gayo

Just graduated in the Alcalá University (UAH). Currently working in the biomedical department – pharmacology unit of the UAH. She’s getting prepared for the oppositions to become a State Pharmaceutical  

Hobbie: learn how to enjoy what she’s doing

Manu Recuerda

FEEF’s External Affairs Vice president

Hobbie: doing sports. Pro of none, he can play many of them